Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Collected quotes

I have been writing down good quotes and conversations on my phone recently whenever they happen. Here are some I've collected...

"Forget naked ladies, let's look at cats and dragons!!"
This one is from my friend Zoe. While at ArmadilloCon, we were looking at the art gallery. There was a collection of art with naked anime style ladies and we really didn't like them, but next to it was paintings of CATS AND DRAGONS. Those caught our eye and we quickly moved on.

"I like horny pegasus!"
Zoe and I were trying to figure out if you would call it a unicorn with wings or a pegasus with a horn. So we decided to ask some guys from Austin Books and Comics. One guy yelled out, "I like horny pegasus!" It kind of stuck.

"I wanna touch that, can you guard me??" -Me, repeating something Zoe said not even 20 seconds earlier.
"Who said that?" -Zoe
"YOU!" - Me
Some people had to get by us within that 20 seconds, so we had to move from the tiny fountain Zoe was about to touch and that's how this started.

"Surprise sex"
Zoe and I figured that this is what you would call it if somebody broke in to your house to rape you and you ended up enjoying it, because it really couldn't be called rape anymore. These are the things you think of when you have had very little sleep.

"People who start thinking pugs are attractive actually want kids."
I overheard this. There were about 5 other people sitting at the table with the guy who said this and every one of them agreed.

"You drink your coffee black? You have bigger balls than me. That's a compliment by the way."
A lady said this to me as I was getting coffee in the hotel. It made me laugh because she said it in such a serious tone. Same lady popped in earlier that day while I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom and asked if she looked, "sluttish" for wearing a tank top.

"Do you read?" -author man
"I know HOW to read." -me
This guy was really drunk and kept having to tell me he was a famous author.

"I could change you into a dog. Do you want me to?" -6 year old niece
"No, not really." -me
"What do you want to be?" -niece
"Alone." -me
"What? Is that even a real word?" -niece
I just kind of had to stare for a while because it was really confusing that she asked me if it was a real word, then I just started laughing.

I think those were some pretty good quotes from the past week. I think I will continue to keep writing things like that down in my phone. There were about a million more that Zoe and I had that we completely forgot about writing down. Plus we usually forget what we had just said within about 5 minutes because we always move on and talk about something else.

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