Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I have recently started work on a major project - a friend's new business venture. Well, not necessarily "new" since it has been in the works for ages, but it's something I have recently been a part of. 

I have learned some things from doing this...
1.) Don't let your friend be your boss. If you're going into business together, be equal partners. 
2.) Make sure to have meetings with everyone in the process. Go through everything 10 times if necessary. 
3.) Know about the business - and others like it. 

I'm working with people starting an online clothing shop that haven't even shopped for clothing online. For the design of the website, I have done research on many other similar websites. You need to know what to feature and how to feature it. Also, know the audience. 

They have had two years to do this research and I've only come into the picture recently. I feel bad about sharing my ideas, because it's not what they want from me. Basically they want a website without product descriptions, one size per item, no sizing charts. I'm going to have to do what they want. 

I'm thinking about dropping out on the project altogether. My deadline to get everything finished is Friday, but the amount of things missing from the website is going to continue to bother me. 

Didn't mean to post ranting blogs on here, but today has been super stressful. 

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