Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall back!

The time change is really messing with me. I can't be tired at 9pm. I just can't be. I do have to get up at 5am, so with the change and everything it's actually like I'm getting up at 6! I had to go get a last minute vaccination for school today and I'm so glad I was able to get it. The problem was that for some reason the school offices were CLOSED and I couldn't get my paperwork in. So tomorrow I shall get up bright and early to submit my papers before registering. Hopefully all goes well.

I'm at 6,688 words right now in my novel and I think I need a lot of conversation fillers, which is becoming hard for me to do. Just a little bit behind on the word count. A little. A few thousand. I'm just ready to move on to the crazy action in my story! I may have to spend a bit of time rethinking things so I can get it a little more interesting. The first 4,000 words or so came so easily (the first 2,000 happened within an hour on the first day) and now I'm just stuck. I'm starting to get a little annoyed with my story at this point and it sucks, because it's only day six. Some parts of my story are probably going to drastically change. Oh, and another thing is that I keep getting distracted by other things on the internet... like writing this.

Time to stop procrastinating...

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