Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summertime, feelin' fine

Making more polymer clay charms today! Finally I'm back to my normal self after a weekend of dehydration. Lots of water, lots of broth, lots of Doctor Who. Now I'm not only hungry and ready to start cooking normal things again, I am ready to start creating things again. I have a really big list of things I need to make. The problem now is where to start. There is a lot of coffee in my system now, so I should get a lot done today.

Ready for conventions to start! I just realized that the first is in less than three weeks. Time seems to be going by fast and slow all at once. Trying to prepare all of my stuff that I'm going to be selling. It sounds easier than it actually is. I really should be doing that instead of writing right now.

I need to get the first chapter of my novel edited as well so I can submit it for a writing class. So much to do!

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