Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1st

I am now going to attempt to blog every day in October!

October is my favorite month and Fall is my favorite season. It really doesn't seem like Fall to me until October begins. There's a slight change in weather here in Central Texas, we're not getting over 90 this week and hopefully from now on. The leaves don't change like other places, but you can definitely tell the season by the cooler breeze. I think it's 74 degrees right now and the Weather Channel is saying tonight it will be 54, which has me excited.

This time of year I think a lot about Halloween, because it's my favorite holiday. I have compiled a list of creepy places to go this month and the Netflix queue now has a good amount of horror movies. Somehow I have lost the list of places, but I remember quite a few. First is the witch's grave in Liberty Hill. I have been to the cemetery before, but I haven't found the grave yet. Second is Jacob's Bridge, which is supposed to be this haunted bridge where you will see hand prints on your car and your car will move across it. I don't know if I actually found the real location of that one though, because the internet shows me two. Third is the Joppa Bridge, it's supposed to have TROLLS underneath it. It always makes me laugh thinking about it and I think it will be entertaining. Those were all I remembered, I'll have to do a search for my list or look up some more places again.

I'm going to document the trips with photos, writings and I will be using one of those cheesy ghost finder apps that are probably just giving out random readings. I have had some creepy experiences that I can't explain in the past and I think I will be writing more about them in the upcoming month.

Today begins with a horror movie marathon!

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