Saturday, October 8, 2011

October 8th

It finally rained! Really rained, not just little sprinkles. It was cold rain too! I'm now sitting here in pajamas and a hoodie trying to warm up, even if I did go walking in it a few hours ago, I'm still cold. The rain has stopped now, but it's supposed to continue on and off for the next few days. Finally I will be able to drink the hot chocolate that's been in my pantry. All I have drank today (besides a glass of water) is coffee. About 6 cups of coffee at least. I'm not even feeling hyper or anything. I'm actually kind of sleepy.

Yesterday I visited a cemetery. It wasn't creepy like I was hoping for it to be though. I am trying to find some really creepy places. Last year for my birthday, my sister took me on a haunted tour of Austin. We started at a tree and the guide told a story about someone dying under it or something. It didn't seem to scary, there was just a kid playing in it while we were there and it was funny because the lady started telling the really gory story and the kid's dad had to take him somewhere else to play. Then we went off to some old building that used to be a funeral home or something and a photography studio later on. We went around to the Driskill, the Omni, Buffalo Billiards and some other places. It was entertaining, but all in all it wasn't scary. As you can tell, I'm not the best at remembering all of the details of the stories the tour guide lady told.

Tonight I'm going to watch Richard Ayoade's film Submarine with my sister and I think it will be good. I think I will probably have more to write about tomorrow when I'm warm.

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