Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 4th

An anxiety attack prevented me from taking my test today, but I am going to get it done next week. I went back home and passed out for a very long time, woke up still wearing my shoes, which really hurt after sleeping in. My dream was pretty interesting though. I was around railroad tracks and caves and I was on a mission to find Draco Malfoy. Apparently he was running some type of chemical plant. I found Crabbe, he was a zombie living in a cave and he was very angry and on a diet. He came out of the cave and walked to an outdoor fridge... the place looked like a dump. He was making a plate of salad and tomatoes for himself and he kept getting angrier and angrier at me because I was asking him some things. I tried not to ask too many questions and I wasn't going to let him know that I was looking for Draco. I left the cave area and found out that it was right behind Draco's plant! I walked to the front and started to plan on how I was going to get inside to stop him from doing whatever he was doing. I saw him walk outside and talk to a few guys wearing black jumpsuits. Then I woke up. I was really sad to wake up at this point, because I had gotten very close to being inside Draco's plant.

Right now, my crazy neighbors across the street are yelling. The lady is on the phone with her husband, she doused all of his stuff in lighter fluid and had a baseball bat. It's pretty scary. Tonight will probably be the 4th time I've called the cops on them. She was going to light all of his things on fire, which is a bad idea anyway, but lately we have had so many fires around here that you're not supposed to even grill. I'm hoping my house won't be on fire tonight because this lady is mad at her husband who is apparently cheating on her with, "A lady that looks like a drunk old man." I admit that I kind of like spying on the neighbors, but it's because they're doing all of this outside and I'm trying to figure out what is going on with multiple neighbors so I can bust them. I'm obviously not going to "bust" them myself, I'm just waiting until I know enough to get the cops out here to investigate more. What we're thinking is that they're selling, and possibly growing drugs. It's all pretty weird.

Oh, and part of my tooth broke tonight. It was pretty painful. Today just doesn't seem like the best of days and I'm hoping for tomorrow to be better.

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